Moglix offers 74% off on Aeronox AN25 500W Red Air Blower

₹614 ₹2400

A powerful air blower. Whatever be your puprpose, whether to use in a garage or workshop – this would work well for you. Extremely efficient. Able to clean dust from little nooks and corners where nothing else can go. Equally effective for both automotives as well as electronic items. Aeronox 500W Air Blower has also been crafted for comfort; as compared to other air blowers, this would not exhaust and tire its user so much. Has a 1 metre length cord. Also comes equipped with dust collector bag. Offers 230 Volts and has an air volume of 2-3 metre cubes per minute.

At a 74% discount, you need not think twice about buying this handy air blower.


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