L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster 2.5 g (Black)

₹684 ₹750

The first of its kind, this Superliner Blackbuster from L’Oreal Paris is an innovative “black ink formula” which strikes a bold look that can be instantly switched, subtle eye drama to runway model flawlessness.

Easy-to-use Marker Pen for an Error-proof, Smooth Glide

Designed like a marker, this Blackbuster eyeliner mistake-proof and easy to apply as it will glide smoothly across your eyelids. It is also smudge proof, which seals its easy to use status.

Striking Black Pigment

The black ink formula is a breakthrough in cosmetics as it is 100% black and works smoothly over the eyes, making your look more intense and rich.

Lasts for 8 Hours

The black pigment has a life of about 8 hours, after which it starts to fade out. It is also as easy to remove as it is easy to apply, with a remove application.


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