Forgiving sultan, or merely forgetful?

We have always heard that you should forgive and forget. But do we, as a nation, forget before we forgive? Or our forgiving capacity in general knows no bounds – that an average Indian can be called the sultan of forgiveness? Whatever be the case, just thinking out loud here.

Pappu hits and runs


Pappu hits and runs. One person killed, four injured. Pappu says, “maine nahi kiya.” Opponents give evidences. Pappu says, “Maine nahi kiya, maine bilkul nahi kiya.” Years long debate ensues. But then finally, Pappu bach gaya. And then the people forgave, or they just forgot, it’s not clear.

Pappu poaches blackbucks

salman Blackbuck

Pappu kills endangered animals. Animal activists infuriated. Public outraged. Public says, about time to boycott Pappu. But then people don’t think about it anymore. The people forgave, or they just forgot, it’s not clear.

Pappu makes fun of rape victims – Our Sultan!

salman rape comment

Pappu says something very, very irresponsible. Government even asks him to clarify his statement. But Pappu decides to give them a no-show. The public says enough is enough, let’s boycott Pappu this time for sure. Pappu still goes on to make 100 crores with all his Sultan – iyat and bakchodi. Yet again, the people forgave, or they just forgot, it’s not clear.

Shouldn’t we forgive before we forget?

Okay, so may be Pappu is just super f-ing talented. (See? I am trying to be very thoughtful, considering any remote possibilities too!) But does that make us forgive him, or does that make us forget and ignore his deeds? If we have indeed forgiven and would continue to do so no matter what he does, let’s not make any noise from now on please. It’s annoying to see my Facebook wall cluttered each and everytime Pappu does something. And if we haven’t forgiven, why have we gifted him another 100 crores?

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