Popular table tennis rubbers-Part3

Thanks for your kind response everyone. Time for the third post of the popular table tennis rubbers series, after part 1 and part 2.

Andro Rasant Grip

Easily makes it to the list of popular table tennis rubbers, and for a good reason!
For my style of game (All/OFF; USATT ~2000) this is the best FH rubber so far (tried 80, 05FX, Calibra LT). Medium throw. Excellent crisp feel both in topspins as well as short game. Decent smashes (medium hard sponge). Very spinny (fantastic for serves). Fast (~Tenergy 05FX) but not crazy fast. Very good control. I don’t think this is a rubber for the all out attacker (who would find it a little bit to slow, unless it is on a very fast blade). In my opinion, this is a significantly spinnier, less expensive and more durable substitute for T80. Great for forehand or backhand. I play combination bat and flip a lot. Loops and drives from both sides are great spin, great control, and great ball curve.

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Stiga Calibra LT Sound

Has the speed you can accelerate and the softer sponge makes the ball easier to block and control. I would compare this rubber to DONIC Baracuda Big Slam with the same amount of speed and spin. Proper technique is very important when using catapult rubber of this caliber. My favorite soft rubber! What I like the most is that they almost sound exactly like rubbers during the speed glue era. They are very soft which gives the ball a nice catapult effect with good control and feel. They are pretty fast which makes it easy to change between backhand and forehand quickly. A spiny and good rubber on most areas.

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Donic Acuda S2

This is a great rubber for forehand on stiff blades. (max thickness) The throw stays high enough for forehand, even on very hard carbon blades like Galaxy T4 (OFF+). Spin: excellent. Speed: excellent. More than Vega pro, less then Acuda S1 of course. Arc: like other rubbers in the acuda series (s1, s2 and s3), the arc is rather straight, i.e. it does not have as much arc as vega pro or T05 or bluefire M1 or Sanwei T88-i. However, the trajectory of Acuda S1 is low and long, whereas S2 is rather low and shorter. Strong point: very easy opening loops, which can be executed with a suprisingly slow motion, yet are spinny and long and penetrating. The arc is not high, but the spin is there and they are very easy to execute. This way, this rubber allow you to slow down the game a bit when you have a difficult ball. short game: good. (on stiff 7 ply all-wood blade, xiom extreme s).

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Tibhar Evolution MX-P

An explosive number in the list of popular table tennis rubbers.

I read somebody else describe it as a hybrid of a Chinese and a jap/Euro rubber, and I agree. It’s the best really fast rubber I’ve used for service. It’s easy to keep the ball low, short, and spinny. Short game is really good. Once you start picking up the racket speed though, the sponge starts to compress and the speed is explosive. Here, the control isnt as good so you’ll need to be really precise with your strokes. Loops are really fast, low and have heavy spin. Smashing, hitting and blocking were also quite good. I recommend this to highly skilled and very agressive players, however if you like high, slow opening topspins, or prefer to loop/counterloop from close range you may not like it.Plays like a boosted T80. If you love to engage your body on power top spins, this rubber (outside of boosted rubbers) is the more powerful you can get.

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Butterfly Sriver FX – Evergreen among the popular table tennis rubbers

Perfect for beginners: not too fast above average spin, similar to joola brave speed similair to 5q sound but a bit slower average throw soft and consistent- perfect for beginners fantastic blocking: control and accuracy and if taken early, often a counterspin like shot pushing and chopping is great lifting backspin isnt too difficult because rubber isnt too tack so backspin on ball doesnt sit on the rubber. however, the rubbers speed makes for a short trajectory on the shot good smashing suprisingly good drives ok spin on serve. good spin, speed and control. Great for push and placements. Descent serves. Great backhand shots.

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