Learning Yoga – Sukhasana

As mentioned in a previous write up, Yoga means the coming together of mind and body when the mind interacts with the body and vice versa. By following yogic practices correctly with mindfulness, one gets a wonderful tool to regain and sustain one’s mental and physical health. Some of the exercises have been elaborated below to create a primary sequence to initiate one into a basic regimen of yoga and to find some instant improvements health wise. Now, I would describe ‘Sukhasana’ which means a comfort posture.

As per the great saint Patanjali, the expounder of Yoga Sutras, ‘Sthir Sukham Asanas’ an asana is defined to be one that enable you to be still and comfortable. Asanas bring forth the capability of body to be comfortable in all stages.

Literal meaning of Sukhasana

Sukh means a state of blissful rest. As comes naturally to most, when we are relaxed we tend to sit down cross legged on the floor. If we try to cultivate this state of rest, we may be in Sukhasana.


Comfortably sit down on the floor cross-legged (see image). Keep your hands on the knees. spinal cord, neck  and head should be in a straight line. Preferably sit in a direction facing east or north for free flow of spiritual energy.

Keep your breathing even while becoming aware and feeling the breath. Do remember, it is important to follow correct breathing practice while doing yoga asanas. These are simple enough to understand. If the body is being stretched, it seems logical that one has to breath in and while the body is being contracted one has to breath out. The exercises should be done with a pleasant frame of mind and while the breath is even to start with.

Benefits of Sukhasana

  • It increases productivity
  • It increases flexibility
  • It makes you feel more energetic
  • It lowers the heart rate
  • It also helps in digestion
  • Helps you attain a positive state of mind
  • It allows fuller and more effortless breathing
  • It helps to maintain a healthy curve in the lumbar spine



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