Daily health struggles and their solutions

Grew up in late 80s, 90s or early 2000s? You are the generation who got to indulge in fast food only after teenage years. Our parents were from a generation where junk food meant something you have on your holidays. Something like those yummy puris and pakodas, which probably meant a bit too much ghee or oil. However, they were still much better than the kind of processed food that is available today. One could easily assume that the daily health struggles were not so grave.

If your kids are in the age group of 6-18 years, you would understand what kind of serious health problems these fast food (which we joyfully adopted from western culture) have on a growing child. From hormonal problems to skin problems, from weight gain issues to psychological and self confidence issues as a result of weight gain: today’s children are facing it all. It all trickles down to us, for we pass on our habits to our kids.

Daily health struggles: early signals to realization

Do you form a part of one those couples where ordering meals seems to be a much better option than preparing one? After getting married, I moved to a different city with my husband. As soon as I got a job, it became seemingly impossible to be preparing dinner at home. We never gave it a second thought for a few months. We had totally resigned to the convenience of having meals out.

Eventually, we did realize some change in our health (and ahem, weight.) Probably we were starting to get affected by the daily health struggles that many working couples talk about. Staying in denial was no longer an option. It took me some time to realize why my mother always stressed I carry my lunch or have proper breakfast. Obviously, the fact that I was struggling fitting into some suits made the realization far more terrible!

Daily health struggles no more

We have been lucky to realize our faults well in time, and below are some of the points which have worked for us to reverse our careless eating habits. We didn’t really hit the gym hard, but made little changes to our routine that did wonders for us!

Rise and shine, and walk!

As soon as we wake up, we go for a walk/ light jog for 45 minutes to one hour.

Start your day with eggs

They help you feel full for long hours. If you are a vegetarian, go for multi-grain bread and some peanut butter (not more than 1 teaspoon of peanut butter). Or you can go for poha or upma but cooked in very little oil.

Drink lot of water

I know this sounds like a cliche – but this is not one of those articles. The trick is to fool your stomach, and water works like a charm. It helps you feel full.

Reduce ordering meals

We go out for meals, say twice a week as opposed to 3-4 times before. Trust me, such little changes really helped.

Cut down the tea

Doing nothing? Getting bored? Everything seemed to have the solution in having tea in the past, which just kept on adding sugar in me. I have cut down my intake to once in a day.

Careful binging while drinking

yourownlounge - unhealthy living

This has helped my husband enormously. He does enjoy a drink twice a week, and that in itself is not a problem. But the unlimited supply of fried starters along was a menace! He tries sticking to hummus, salads and other light snacks now.

Little things to remember

Try limiting your rice intake. Prefer making pulses and beans for dinner as they are easy to cook and are protein packed. Again, consume sprouts which are readily available in the market. They are healthy, and make you feel full.

Having said all of the above tips, when you are craving for something, you can indulge in your favorite comfort food once in a while. If the craving is getting out of control then take out old photos when you were slim to look for inspiration, or set a target. You can even buy or take out an old dress/trousers/shirt which is a size smaller than you are. Aim to fit into that!

If you are expecting an article where people cut down 20-30 kgs to get those 8 pack abs – no sir. My husband and I were always fine, but did gain 5-6 extra kgs on us, and we knocked them off using simple measures listed above. Here’s wishing you all the luck in the world as you start to knock off yours! 🙂

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