Asafoetida health benefits (hing in hindi)

Indian food is famous (or infamous) for its hot and spicy taste. But these spices find use not only to provide flavours. Daily as we cook in our kitchen, we invariably use some spices in all the preparations. Asafoetida (hing) is a very important spice because of a number of reasons. We will discuss some of the uses and Asafoetida health benefits.

Asafoetida health benefits

Health benefits for Asafoetida extend in so many directions!

Beneficial for digestion

Some of the heavy foods become easily digestible by adding asafoetida to them.

Relieves colic pain

In case of colic pain, asafoetida diluted in a little water can be applied by a cotton ball to the navel. Soon the pain disappears.

Cough and other respiratory problems

For cough this is a wonderful medicine. Asafoetida is a popular expectorant. Powder and mix it with honey, and consume 3-4 times a day. You can also apply it to chest after mixing with warm water. Asafoetida is an antioxidant also.

Gastric troubles

For gastric troubles, dry roast some asafoetida and some ajwain (carom seeds) and grind them. Add a little black salt. Take 1/3 rd tsp with a glass of warm water and see the wonderful and soothing effect on your tummy.

High blood pressure

It contains coumarins which helps in preventing blood clotting. This anticoagulant property of hing along with its healing powers protects against cholesterol. It thus helps to fight high blood pressure.

Nervous disorders

Asafoetida is useful in treatment of hysteria, convulsions, syncope and other nerve disorders. It protects against these nerve ailments by stimulating the nerves.

Menstrual Issues

Many menstrual problems like pain, cramps, and irregular periods can be treated with asafoetida. The herb is also useful for other vaginal infections.


According to research, the anti-carcinogenic property of Asafoetida restricts the growth of malignant cells.
Many skin care products as well use Asafoetida’s medicinal properties for effective skin treatment. It can be applied directly to the skin to treat corns and calluses.

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