Acne free skin in just fifteen days

We all are aware that at a certain age, acne strikes most of the adolescents and teenagers. For some it may be moderate but for others it aggravates to such a great extent. It could lead to an inferiority complex and even depression. Confidence level could get low, and could affect studies and social life. It’s sad and painful to watch a child suffering like that. I have had my fair ( or unfair!) share of acne and pimples in my teenage, so I am extra sensitive to such issues. Some people go to physicians and skin specialists, who prescribe antibiotics and even perform small surgeries for them. All this gives only temporary relief. Any promises of acne free skin mostly fall flat. Here are some home based tips that have been tested time and again, and have benefited many.

Water in plenty for acne free skin

Keep your bowels clean. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily – even more if you can. Trust me, nothing works like water does for an acne free skin.

Keep your face clean

Keep your face and neck clean. Or whatever face wash or scrub suits you, can do the trick. Herbal Roots Face Pack and Sandalwood Face and Body Scrub are a must try! Whenever you come back from outside, wash your face well. Before going to bed it’s a must to clean your face.


Lemon juice is very beneficial for skin. Drink it 2-3 times a day in warm water. You can also apply on your face after washing it provided the acne are not burst open. Sometimes small acne easily disappear with this trick.


Our good old turmeric plays wonders for our skin. After cleaning face you can apply it to your acne and leave it for half an hour 2-3 times a day.

Dietary considerations for an acne free skin

Consume lots of green vegetables (seasonal) . They are very beneficial for overall health and keep your stomach clear. Eat lots of cucumbers and tomatoes. Fresh seasonal fruits and fresh fruit juices are also a blessing for your skin. Eat balanced food. Different pulses, vegetables, roti (whole wheat bread), curd and salads. Our age old menus are irreplaceable. You get every nutrient that is required by our body.
Avoid too much sweets. Don’t eat fried or very oily food, as that will nourish your pimples. Too spicy food is also a big no-no. Pizzas, burgers, pastas, noodles – you get the idea. They won’t help you in your cause to achieve a pimple and acne free skin.


Neem is a beneficial medicine for acne. Neem tablets are available in market manufactured by many companies. Take 2-3 tablets daily. They have no side effects.

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